Our product selection is huge and widely varied for a boutique our size. We carry a wide array of high quality natural hair care products including sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, expeller pressed hair oils, and high quality Shea butter all selected for natural hair and dreadlocks. We offer a nice selection of body lotions that do not contain any harmful ingredients like parabens, or polypropylene.

Our selection of domestic and imported body oils is the best in the city of Pittsburgh. We also carry all different types of incense from all over the world including Japanese, Tibetan, Native American smudge sticks, resin, and traditional Indian charcoal incense. Our selection of clothing includes West African imported Ankara (wax-print) clothing, Nigerian lace wedding ensembles, Islamic religious garb from the Middle East, and domestic clothing that comes from carefully selected companies that specialize in fair–trade clothing.

We also carry fine sterling silver from Tibet, Egypt, Morocco and Italy. The art and handicrafts are from all over the world making Jamil’s truly a Global Village.